“The Secret” is Getting a Movie Adaptation

With the numerous amount of sequels, reboots, and adaptations we see in theaters nowadays, it is a common joke that Hollywood has run out of ideas, and with the announcement of an adaptation of Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling self-help book, it’s not hard to agree with that notion.

The Secret is a 2006 self-help book that promotes positive thinking and imagining what you want in order to get it. The book itself is infact based on a film of the same title, as an 87-minute-long series of audio-visually recorded interviews about the benefits of positive thinking technically classified as a film.

The adaptation is set to be directed by Andy Tennant, written by Bekah Brunstetter (with input from Tennant and Rick Parks) and star Katie Holmes. 

In all fairness, the film industry is no stranger to basing their films off of pre-existing books, and had no shortage of successes with such films, though films are normally based on novels, biographies, autobiographies, or historical accounts, rather than self-help books, as there’s a story, characters, and setting they can base the film on. As a result, the film is set to focus on adapting the book’s message of positive thinking to improve one’s life through the story and arc of its main character.

While the book was a huge success, it was met with plenty of controversies as well. Multiple studies have highlighted the dangers of thinking pureley positive thoughts, like making people put less effort into their goal and have a harder time dealing with challenges when they arise.

As the production is in the early stages of development, the best we can do is hope this film won’t be more of a self-harm than a self-help.


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