A Joker Origin Film; ‘The Hangover’s Todd Phillips to Direct and Martin Scorsese to Produce

Warner Brothers studios has leaked info about the next Batman franchise spinoff film, which has some people laughing. A Joker origins movie is in the works under production of none other than the Mr. Martin Scorsese. The project is still in early scripting and budget planning, but comedy heavyweight director Todd Phillips (Old School and Hangover trilogy) is already on board to help direct, produce, and write the feature. It is said that Todd will bring his film friend Scott Silver, writer of 8 Mile, along to co-write. This film is the flagship project to start a new brand of the DC comic universe for WB to expand on past story lines with iconic characters.

Even with this all-star production team attached, there are plenty of “mixed reviews” already circulating the web. Many critics are worried that since the role of Joker has been played so many times on screen in both TV and film, that Scorsese has an impossible task to find any actor who can re-invent the character again. Considering the Joker has been featured 3 times on screen within the last 20-odd years, it’s fair to say that it’s been done lately. Not to mention the impact factor, with 2 completely original performances from Jack Nicholson in 1989, and the late Heath Ledger of 2008, it was a literal “suicide” mission for Jared Leto when he played the part for Suicide Squad in 2016. But when it comes to the man who gave us gems such as Goodfellas and The Wolf of Wall Street, I’ll happily take my chances with Scorsese any time.

Phillips and Silver have plenty of plot-lines to pick from, with the comics containing multiple origins for Joker over the years. Arguably the most famous amongst nerds is the ‘50’s Batman comic where he was a crook by the name of the “Red Hood”. Jerry Robinson, who helped create the Joker and wrote Batman comics in the 1940s, didn’t like the idea of exploring too deep into the Joker’s past in a quote from Batman and Psychology. “They’ve given many origins of the Joker, how he came to be,” Robinson said. “That doesn’t seem to matter—just how he is now. I never intended to give a reason for his appearance … it takes away some of the essential mystery.”

Plot-line’s aside, the most intriguing aspect we know of so far is the setting; Scorsese is said to have a lot of influence over the tone of this film. Set in early 1980’s Gotham city, this Joker film is intended to be a “gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film” rather than a cookie cutter superhero/villain movie. Sounds enough for crazy to me.

Source: Vice“Martin Scorsese Is Producing a Joker Origin Film”

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