ICM Partners Promises to Reach 50-50 Gender Equality in the Next Two Years

In response to the outbreak of accusations and confessions of harassment and abuse in Hollywood, ICM Partners has announced their commitment to change Hollywood culture. The agency has vowed to reach 50-50 gender parity in their company by the year 2020.

Already, women represent 40% of the company’s agents and about a third of its partners are female. However, that is not enough for managing director Chris Silberman. “Women have to be equally represented in true positions of leadership and influence throughout the company,” Silbermann said. The agency intends to hire and promote women over the next two years until half of its leadership are female.

Agency client Shonda Rhimes, creator of television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and the political thriller series Scandel, suggested the idea of gender parity to Silbermann during conversations about current events in the industry. Rhimes said, “Where there’s equity, there’s less harassment and abuse.”

“This is us making a commitment to educate and grow people so we have true equity,” Silbermann said. ICM hopes to inspire other firms to make a change. “We’re taking the initiative to do something. Whatever your version of ’50-50 by 2020’ is, you should just do it.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter– “ICM Partners Pledges to Reach 50-50 Gender Parity by 2020 (Exclusive) 

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