Top Ten Movie Posters of 2017

Nothing gets us more excited than a particularly enticing movie poster? Do you remember seeing a headless state of liberty with only the release date below for Cloverfield? What about the Joker writing “Why so Serious” on a window for The Dark Knight. 2017 has brought us many great films and many with that, many great movie posters. Not looking at the film itself but only at its artwork, here’s MY Top Ten Movie Posters of 2017:


I usually try and stay away from reviews as to not sway my expectations in either direction, but the universal disdain for this Tomas Alfredson flick was unrelenting. I was extremely excited; my favourite actor starring, based off a bestselling novel, an intense trailer, and a pretty spooky poster. The eeriness of the writing and the thought of an the killer teasing the police was fascinating. Too bad the poster was probably better than the film.



Not only is it just an incredible image, but the significance of the uphill battle Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep‘s characters had to go through to challenge the U.S. government. The big block “Streep” and “Hanks” on the left help support the significance stars like them, especially when their backs are to the camera. The film looks incredible and the poster gets us even more excited.


The eyes of Caesar in this film are reminiscent of his infamous line in the film, “I did not start this war.” A mis-marketed flick that has much more in common with Schindler’s List and The Ten Commandments than it does either of it’s previous films. A film that has stuck with me, the poster may mean more and become more powerful after witnessing such a powerful film. Go ahead and read our review here, and expect to see this film in a few weeks on my Top Ten Films of 2017.


What I love about this poster, is how much it truly resembles the film it advertises. There are others that may be prettier; colourful and highlighting all the main characters. The grimness of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 is tremendous, something that the slick poster is able to stress.


Wonder Woman (read our review here) is a glimmer of hope in a gloomy DCEU; the film and the character. Gal Gadot’s performance is sometimes underrated during people’s praise, but she (along with director Patty Jenkins) ultimately brought that character to life. Her standing there, proud and humble, is a great visual interpretation of the film. Power, grace, wisdom, and wonder are incredible adjectives to describe a female protagonist that gives us someone to look up to when times are trying.


Mother! (read our review here) has grown on me more than it probably should have. After finding the film a bit luke-warm, research that guided me to the allegory catapulted it as an instant classic. The image of Mother giving her heart with a compassionate face, asking for nothing in return, is such a powerful image after witnessing the events of the film. The brush behind her is gorgeous and suggestive of something a bit more, “biblical,” like her own personal garden of Eden perhaps…


When remembering Baby Driver (read our review here) I think mostly about the cars and dialogue, forgetting that the shootout, synchronized with the soundtrack, is more than likely my favourite sequence from Edgar Wright’s flick. An added bonus of the advert is the incredible cast that Wright was able to Corral. The high that was baby driver over the summer has worn off a bit for casual film-goers, though expect to see it on a year-end list of mine coming soon!


Those who have seen the film should understand the symbolism of the image above. The dog stares at what comes at night, and we as the viewer, are horrifyingly left in the dark (no pun intended). A masterclass in suspense, a highly regarded indie-horror film whose time, and poster, are similar to recent horror classic The Witch. No actors, no directors, no plot hints, all we see is the void and we’re left to imagine what could possibly occupy it. Read our It Comes at Night review here.


Was Logan a sole-crushing picture that reiterated to us that everything you love, even for the past 17 years, may at some point leave you so hold onto it while you can? Yes; does this image capture nearly that with one static picture? Also yes. A grizzled and un-healing Logan’s hand holding onto that of his “kin” is emotionally taxing, especially having seen the film and knowing the final outcome.


Not the best film on this list by a long shot; I’m not even sure how much I even enjoyed the film, but that’s a damn amazing poster. H. R. Giger is commonly known as the father of the Xenomorph and this art piece is something that looks straight out of his prior pieces. Eerie and uncomfortable, the mosaic of Xenomorph and Space Jockey intertwined is basically what Prometheus and it’s sequel has become. It’s just too bad Scott couldn’t put any visuals in the film as fascinating and spectral as this.

Any we may have forgotten? Be sure to let us know!

One thought on “Top Ten Movie Posters of 2017

  1. I think these choices for best posters of 2017 are amazing! Even though I haven’t watched Mother, the plasticy, artificial nature of the posters drew me in so many times over the summer.

    Lilian from Breathing Film

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