The Empty Seat of James Franco at 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

As the trending era of sexual allegations all across different industries arises, actor and director James Franco decided to lay low on the red carpet scenes. Franco won the Best Actor in a Comedy for his role as Tommy Wiseau in the film which he also directed; The Disaster Artist.

Based on the Los Angeles Time article from January 11th revealing five women accusing the Studio 4 founder of sexual misconduct; four of the complainants were Franco’s students. Upon venting out in her Twitter account, Sarah Tither-Kaplan discloses her acting experience with Franco where she accepted to emerge in a “bonus scene” involving a simulated orgy scene. Complying with the fully nude role, though in the background, she claims to witness Franco taking off the vaginal clear plastic guards “ to simulate the sex act with no protection.”

Back in 2016, Violet Paley developed a relationship with the actor and claims that he forced her to perk him up with oral sex while they were inside her car and strongly denotes that at that time it was nonconsensual.

Appearing on two shows this week at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and Late Night With Seth Meyers, Franco states that it is “not accurate” and even told Seth Meyers he felt that every woman have every right to unfold their story. He chooses not to “actively refute” the allegations made against him. On the verge of the Hollywood’s accolade period, Franco’s multiple sexual harassment issues play an important wake-up call for the actor on how it may impact his stature in the industry.

Source: Indiewire – “James Franco Skips 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations”

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