James Mangold Will Direct Film about Ferrari and Ford’s Feud

Director James Mangold is working together with siblings Jez and John Henry Butterworth on the “Untitled Ford vs. Ferrari Project” at 20th Century Fox. Although Mangold has declined to comment on the announcement, he has reportedly expressed interest in having Christian Bale and Matt Damon as leads in his upcoming biographic drama. Bale and Damon are in consideration for the roles of Ken Miles and Carrol Shelby, respectively.

Based on true events, the film will follow American automotive designer Carroll Shelby and sports car racing engineer Ken Miles. The visionary duo worked together on the Ford GT40 after Henry Ford II set them on the task of building an automobile that could defeat rival company Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship. Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari held a legendary rivalry at the time, and the iconic 1966 race has been subject to recent interest, as books and a documentary have been released in the past decade covering it.

This upcoming film will mark the return of James Mangold after having directed Logan, which is running for an Academy Award this year. The Butterworth brothers previously worked together on the 2014 adaptation of James Brown’s biopic, Get On Up, and the sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow. Chernin Entertainment will produce the film, following its recent releases, The Greatest Showman and War for the Planet of the Apes.

Source: Variety – “James Mangold to Direct Ford vs. Ferrari Film as ‘Logan’ Follow-Up (Exclusive)”

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