50/50 By 2020: The French Industry Joins the Equality Revolution in Media

Following the trend from Hollywood, the French cinema industry has launched an initiative called “5050 Pour 2020” (5050 by 2020), which looks to increase equality and diversity in the field. The movement, which is backed up by the supporters of the #MaintenantOnAgit (Now We Act) anti-domestic violence campaign, are looking into founding an Equality Observatory to maintain accountability on the issues and progress made on the matter.

The group which recently launched a website to support its platform, recently made an announcement regarding how, even though their industry has not been affected by an event like the one surrounding controversial Harvey Weinstein, they still believe that advocacy is required to improve the current state of the industry.

The movement conducted a study of gender equality behind the scenes. Starting from 2006, the study revealed that 23% of French films have been directed by women. Furthermore, budgets for films directed by women tend to have a budget about 36% smaller than the ones allocated for male-directed feature films.

As for award ceremonies, the group voiced their concern regarding how only 19% of nominees tend to be female. Although these numbers may not be encouraging, their study also found out that, when it comes to awards ceremonies, 57% of editors that have been nominated in the past 42 years are women.

With the César Awards taking place on Friday (the Academy Awards of France), supporters will show their involvement by wearing white ribbons. Some of the French artists that are part of this movement include Lea Seydoux, Lily Rose Depp, Michèle Halberstadt and Jacques Audiard.

Source: Deadline – “French Film Industry Launches 50/50 By 2020 Equality Initiative.”

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