‘A Quiet Place’ Makes Us Want to Cover Our Ears This Friday

The emerging sub-genre of sound-based horror films are once again making their mark; on April 3rd, Rebecca Rubin from Variety anticipated a successful weekend opening for A Quiet Place, which received a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes after its screening at South by Southwest (article here). Film Journal International starts off hesitant, but ends with a round of applause:

A Quiet Place could be just another sci-fi horror film…even the shocks…follow time-honored editing beats. Still, the movie has one great gimmick: silence.”

John Krasinski, known mostly for his good-guy charm on The Office, co-wrote and acts in the movie, which forces us into a small family whose live a peaceful daily life – but no one can make even the slightest sound – Any. Sound. Eventually, their son accidentally makes some noise and thus unleashes a terrifying wrath among the entire family. In 2016, another sound-based horror film about a blind killer, Don’t Breathe, filled horror fans with glee and scored a healthy 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Krasinski takes this theme in full stride for this year and the prospects look good. Better get ready when it comes out this Thursday, because you may not see it coming, but A Quiet Place is guaranteed to make you scream.

Be on the lookout for Cinema 35’s review this weekend!

See the trailer below!


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