Platinum Dunes Vows No More Remakes, Will Concentrate Solely On Original Horror Movies

Horror remakes were a bit of a fad during the 2000’s and even into the 2010’s, but one production company knows that quality will always outweigh familiarity. Platinum Dunes, a production company who came into the game in 2003, has vowed that they will no longer produce remakes and reboots. Looking at their filmography below, it’s no wonder for their statement as their remakes/reboots haven’t fared as well as their original content, both financially and critically.

Founded by director Michael Bay, as well as Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, the company has been a staple for horror as well as other action flicks. Slashfilm reported that an interview with Form and Fuller on CinePOP, Fuller claimed:

“We’ve rebooted enough.” Continuing, “We’ve done all of our [rebooted] horror movies. We’re not going to be doing that anymore.”

The studio is currently coming off excellent box office success with their newest horror flick, A Quiet Place, which more than doubled its production budget in its first weekend in theatres. The success of that film, as well as Blumhouse’s Get Out (which wasn’t only a money-machine but also an Oscar darling), shows a trend that audiences are getting more and more willing to spend their money when the excellence is there, regardless of whether they’ve heard of the property.

A Quiet Place took first place this past weekend with $50.2 million. Platinum Dunes next film, The First Purge (watch the trailer here), looks to continue the franchise’s trend of bringing in the bucks. Take a look at Platinum Dunes full filmography below, courtesy of Wikipedia:

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