James Cameron Set to Work on More Avatar and Terminator Films

James Cameron might be tired of Avengers movies, but he cannot get enough from the Terminator and Avatar franchises. The filmmaker, who has been working for years on the sequels for his successful 2009 film Avatar (which starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver), recently announced that, if the upcoming sequels are successful, the series could get 5 entries in what he promises to be an epic cinematic experience.

The Titanic director mentioned that the pentalogy has been greenlit by the studio and that he is currently committed to all of them. However, he clarified that the success of the second and third Avatar movies would be crucial to determining whether the last 2 entries in the franchise are produced. Cameron talked briefly about how he envisions the science fiction saga as a drama that goes beyond generations, with the upcoming film being narratively different from the 2009 film.

As for the Terminator series, he mentioned that he has plans to revisit the action franchise in the future, with the possibility of a reboot. The director shared that he would like to explore how modern technology could be incorporated into the series, as nowadays the available technological advancements are vastly different from what was available 4 decades ago. No concrete plans have been set regarding the next Terminator installment at the time of the announcement.

Thoughts on Cameron’s vision? Share your thoughts with us at Cinema35.

Source: Variety – “James Cameron Talks Plans for Five ‘Avatar’ Films & More ‘Terminator’

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