Jackie Chan Foundation’s Five Day Training For Aspiring Filmmakers

In China, action films have been dominating the domestic film market. Nationalist action film Wolf Warrior II by Wu Jing, featuring a burly ex-soldier who saves both African and Chinese refugees from extreme terrorists, broke the Chinese box office record. Following closely by the heels, new films Operation Red Sea (2018) and Detective Chinatown (2018) also proved popular. Internationally renowned Chinese kung fu star Jackie Chan certainly does not want to miss this opportunity in the new golden age of action.

Wu Jing warmly invites rising directors to learn from his expertise in Jackie Chan’s third ‘A’ Plan for Film.

But he’s past his prime — what other ways can he inject his action aesthetic to the mainstream film industry? On April 26th, Jackie Chan started his third iteration of the five-day intensive “Jackie Chan ‘A’ Plan for Film” training for rising filmmakers, and this year’s theme is the coveted action film. This prestigious program has accepted 100 rising action filmmakers from around the nation and teaches them the nitty-gritty process of filming a smooth, fiery action film. The best part is that these training sessions are free of charge to all attendees! Among the teachers, Wu Jing (director of Wolf Warrior II) will be present, as well as Qian Jiale, another famous Chinese director and actor. Of course, Jackie Chan will also be present.

Who knows what filmmaking talents this boot camp will be able to train? I can’t wait to find out five or ten years down the line.

To read about the recognition Wu Jing received for his work, check out my other news article on an award he received here.

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