James Ransone Joins ‘It: Chapter 2’; 4 of 7 Losers Club Adult Members Cast

Deadline has reported that James Ransone will join the cast of It: Chapter 2. The sequel to the 2017 box office juggernaut, It, will begin shooting this Summer in Toronto. Ransone will join a cast who includes James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Skarsgård returning as Pennywise, the murderous shape-shifting clown.

Ransone will play Eddie, the smallest boy of the Losers Club whose over-bearing mother had him afraid of everything in the outside world. McAvoy will play Bill, Hader will play Richie, and Chastain will play Beverly. Chastain’s casting reunites her with director Andy Muschietti whom with she worked on his first feature, Mama, back in 2013.

Ransone is most well known for his roles in Sinister, Tangerine, In a Valley of Violence, as well as HBO’s limited 2008 series Generation Kill. His slender build and excellent timid theatrics are excellent to portray the hypochondriac.

All seven kids are expected to return in flashbacks. A September 6, 2019 release date is scheduled. Filming is hoping to start and finish as soon as possible to make sure the young adolescents don’t age too noticeably.

Source: Deadline – “James Ransone Joins ‘It: Chapter Two

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