‘A Million Little Things’ That Bring Friends Together This Fall on ABC

Friendship is made of up of a million little things, the moment you met to the moment you have to say goodbye. This new show coming to ABC this fall is a show that surrounds itself on this philosophy. A Million Little Things, friends that meet after being stuck in an elevator together stay friends through the decade. As life goes on every day struggles arise in each other’s lives but something they never thought would happen. The unexpected death of one of their friends, giving them all perspective on what friendship is really about.

Eddie, portrayed by David Giuntoli, a man who feels stuck in his marriage along with the struggle of staying clean. Along side, Gary, James Roday, in remission and in fear his cancer will return. Rome, Romany Malco, a man who feels lost and wanted to kill himself. These three friends are brought together by the death of their close friend Jon, portrayed Ron Livingston.

Marriage, depression, fear, these struggles people face every day but with a little help from your friends, life can be beautiful. This Boston based show is about life, about how the shifts in life can separate from each other. That being friends isn’t about one thing, it’s about the millions of things that come together.

This series was ordered May 2018 and expected to be aired in the ABC 2018-19 television season.

Look out for this show this fall, and check out the trailer for this highly anticipated dramedy.

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