Hotel Artemis— Review

Hotel Artemis is a film with a great premise: An abandoned hotel in the near future that has been revamped into a hospital for criminals. But a great premise can only take you so far. Rather than focus on the one logline, the film sprouts extra threads and can’t decide which story it wants to […]

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Top Ten Oscar Best Picture Winners

Sure blockbuster season can be fun, but we do love our pretentious Oscar bait. For this List I narrowed down all 90 Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards and ranked my Top Ten. For more lists such as this, visit our homepage for Top Tens! 10. Gladiator (2000) Director: Ridley Scott Cast: Russel Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielson […]

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Top Ten Females Not to Mess With

With the release of Charlize Theron’s newest action-flick, Atomic  Blonde, we here at Cinema 35 think that the most badass girls never get their dues. With more and more woman-led films in the past few years and the near future, we hope that there will be a plethora of ladies who will continue to bend the […]

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